Free yourself

Hello. Over the last 5 years of transition, I’ve often asked myself these 2 questions. After all the soul searching it seems I’m pretty good at personal training and remote coaching, so please reach out if I can be of service WHEREVER YOU ARE. #personaltraining #coaching #reachout #please #transition #sacrifices

Eating Dirt

There are five steps to the Eat Dirt program to help get back on track with a healthy gut. First, remove trigger foods, such as gluten, and toxins, such as processed ingredients. Second, reseed the gut with good dirt, such as the soil found clinging to organic produce, and with increased outdoor activity. Third, restore the gut with organic foods, raw dairy, bone broth, and fermented vegetables. Fourth, release stress with massage, exercise, or meditation. Fifth, reseal the gut with the appropriate supplements that address individual health needs.